The Sonar


The Sonar Operator is the submarine’s eyes and ears in the treacherous darkness of the Abyss. He can scan the environment for threats, mark points of interest, and set waypoints. During battle, the Sonar Operator can reveal the weaknesses and track the movement of hostiles, providing life-saving information to the Gunner.


Available modules

  1. Instructions/Goal
  2. Life
  3. Cystal stock
  4. Upgrades of sonar modules
  5. Enemy and object analyzer
  6. Active sonar
  7. Sound wave charger
  8. Detector


Actions in the game

  • W/S: Change the active sonar
  • A: Turn the sonar to the left
  • D: Turn the sonar to the right
  • SPACE: Change the detector mode
  • Scroll wheel: zoom/unzoom
View on the central screen

  • Bright view (zoom x2)
  • Radar view (zoom < x2)
  • Revealed enemies or objects by the active sonar (zoom x2)
  • Scanned enemies or objects or in progress (zoom x2)
  • Active sonar direction (zoom x2)
  • Scanned wall by the radar (zoom < x1)
  • Radar direction (zoom < x1)
  • Warning messages

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