The Gunner


The Gunner uses a fearsome array of torpedoes, mines, and harpoons to defend the submarine from pirate vessels and hostile creatures. The Gunner can also illuminate the surround area with flares and destroy debris. Or launch a harpoon against a stray Kraken…

Available modules

  1. Instructions/Goal
  2. Life
  3. Shield
  4. Temperature
  5. Upgrades of weapons
  6. Front weapon
  7. Left tube and his loading
  8. Right tube and his loading
  9. Torpedo ammunitions and his stock
  10. Rear tube and his ammunitions stock


Actions in the game

  • W: Front weapon
  • S: Rear tube (many clicks to choose ammunition)
  • A: Torpedo left tube (many clicks to choose ammunition)
  • D: Torpedo right tube (many clicks to choose ammunition)
  • SPACE: Load torpedoes/fire
  • Scroll wheel: zoom/unzoom
View on the central screen

  • Bright view (zoom x2 or x4)
  • Shooting area (different according to the weapon)
  • Gun sights
  • Warning messages

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