The Engineer


The Engineer processes the valuable orichalcum crystals the crew has gathered. Refined orichalcum can be used to repair the sub, to upgrade modules, or to create more powerful torpedoes. Just remember to refine and stockpile enough orichalcum to turn a profit!

Available modules

  1. Instructions/Goal
  2. Life
  3. Shield
  4. Temperature
  5. Upgrades of engineer modules
  6. Mode module
  7. Boost module
  8. Crystal stock
  9. Factory
  10. Upgrade/repair screen


Actions in the game

  • W/S: Selected the module (mode or factory)
  • A/D: Selected mode or component to produce
  • SPACE: Upgrade/repair (if the module is broken)
  • Scroll wheel: zoom/unzoom
View on the central screen

  • State of all modules
  • Bright view (zoom x4)
  • Warning messages

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