[Update] Version 0.82, the “Orichalcum Update”

[EN] Version 0.82 is out! This is a major update, finalizing main four stations mechanisms (Pilot, Sonar, Gunner, Engineer). Here are the main changes from 0.78 to 0.82.
[FR] La version 0.82 est prête ! Il s’agit d’une mise à jour majeure, qui fixe les mécanismes des quatre rôles (Pilote, Sonar, Torpilleur, Ingénieur). Voici les principaux changements des versions 0.78 à 0.82.

-(high) graphics: redraw engineer modules
-(high) bug: bullets are not refilled
-(high) bug: “sqrt cannot be negative” bug
-(high) bug: torpedo initial direction is wrong
-(medium) gameplay: think to a new module ?
-(medium) graphics: gunner rear shadow not updated
-(medium) bug: obj_gamemaster_createSubmarine.isPlacable bug if not credit
-(medium) gameplay: decrease harpoon damage
-(medium) bug: Linux: wrong full-screen resolution, have to be set in windowed mode
-(low) comm: redo the teaser trailer
-(low) bug: flechette sonar doesn’t disappear
-(low) graphics: blend mode not set for various gunner lights
-(low) bug engineer: zoom is not properly stopped
-(low) bug sonar: analyzer arrow at the wrong location when not selecting
-(low) graphics: engineer dial should be light instead of dark
-(low) gameplay: can select modules by clicking on image or on the text
-(low) code: gunner target position seems delayed on client
-(low) code: remove unused keys

-(high) bug: when 4 computers connected, crash
-(high) kickstarter: Record gameplay video
-(high) admin; prepare a steam web page
-(medium) bug: enemies informations are sometimes not synchronized

-(high) kickstarter: Redo the banner (first image of the trailer), including the name Abyss Crew
-(high) bug: engineer processor doesn’t work when we click on it
-(high) graphics: Do the images for the Steam webpage
-(high) comm: update kickstarter trailer and update it on youtube
-(medium) code: obj_environment_sonar alpha doesn’t increase for non-radio players
-(medium) code: when a client clicks on an obj_environment_sonar, info appears on the server screen
-(medium) code: obj_environment_sonar information not synchronized on clients
-(low) admin: create a proper studio

-(high) kickstarter: Redraw money pie chart
-(high) kickstarter: Redraw timeline
-(high) kickstarter: Redo the top image of the page
-(high) kickstarter: Draw the header titles
-(high) kickstarter: Draw stretch goals cards
-(medium) graphics: engineer UI to redraw
-(medium) bug: mines don’t do correct damage (sometimes no damage, sometimes too strong)
-(medium) gameplay: pilot has to press space above a platform to refill o2/fuel/health
-(medium) graphics: improve game world assets visibility
-(medium) graphics: gunner UI to redraw
-(medium) code: mines are not visible on client
-(medium) code: checking if a seat is occupied is not working well (to know if a bot has to be used)
-(low) code: obj_environment_sonar position depends on role (can create problem with sync)
-(low) gameplay: improve gunner bot: choose a better strategy depending on surroundings
-(low) gameplay: Abyss Master : its screen should not change when submarine takes damage
-(low) graphics: add reason of death of the submarine
-(low) gameplay: abyss master money increases with number of crystals in the room
-(low) graphics: change screen when firing a torpedo
-(low) graphics: improve logo

-(high) graphics: increase light around the submarine
-(medium) graphics: redo screen shake
-(medium) gameplay: redo torpedo initial direction gameplay
-(medium) graphics: engineer: see crystal filling the processor then emptying it
-(low) graphics: add a cone to show torpedo selection angle
-(low) bug: bounding box of obj_environment_sonar is independent of zoom

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