[Update] Version 0.63

Version 0.63 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:

-level: modified level appearance (must dive into the abyss to go out the initial island)
-gameplay: you can now take a screenshot by pressing F6 🙂
-gameplay: tutoriel text have been updated. It also stays longer on screen
-gameplay: gunner now load torpedo with “space”. Torpedoes cannot be unloaded
-graphics: screen look more like a video screen now
-graphics: intensity of blips on the radar decreases with distance
-bugfix: when game is won, game restart normally (instead of winning after 10 seconds…)

and the v0.62:

-level: we can now switch from the surface level to the underground level
-gameplay: torpedoes now explode automatically after 60 seconds
-gameplay: radio player get only partial information depending on the enemy distance. But he can listen carefully to the sound to identify them 😉
-graphics: there is a day/night cycle at the surface
-graphics: new interface for all roles!
-graphics: gunner now see the initial direction of the torpedoes
-performance: slightly improved performance by deactivating interface of unused roles
-other: new logo for the game

The new UI appearance:

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