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    Hi !

    Abyss Crew is currently in under development and as such you may find gameplay bugs and weird glitches.
    It would greatly help us out if you could please post your issues with as much detail as possible (video/screenshots/descriptions), followed by the following requested information…

    Things to include in your report (if possible)

    Example Topic Title:
    [Bug] Whales are flickering! [Version Number]

    Contents of Bug report:

    Game Version – This can be found in the top left of your game menu
    Description – What is wrong, in general terms
    Reproduction steps – Detailed steps on how to reproduce your problem. This makes it a lot easier to fix! 🙂
    Pictures or Video – Pictures can be uploaded to, videos to

    Anything you find with reproduction steps, with images and/or video should be posted. Posting something like “this is broken” doesnt help us fix the issue. The more information, the better! 🙂

    Other users can also chime in on the topic, post their screenshots and discuss reproduction steps.
    Thanks so much for helping!

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