About Aquarealm Studio

Aquarealm studio is an independent video game company. While its main office is located in Montreal, QC, Canada, some members are located in France and in Sweden. It has been founded in 2017 by Pol ‘Pollux568’ Grasland-Mongrain.

Abyss Crew is our first game.

Our Team

Pol ‘Pollux568’ Grasland-Mongrain

Captain (QC, Canada / France)

Personal website

Bastien ‘burgzaza’ Blavet

Project artist (France)

Andreas ‘Knight’ Mustola

Network coder (Sweden)

Personal website

Paul ‘Cap’n Haddock’ Rebar

Project artist (QC, Canada)

Personal website

Jean-Philippe ‘JPS’ Savoie

World designer (QC, Canada)

Personal website

Camille ‘Arsia’ Lucas

Level designeur (France)

Personal website

Additional and former contributors

  • Erwan Grasland-Mongrain – Game design (France)
  • Jeremie Tauziede – Project artist (France) – Personal website
  • Nicolas Allard-Bourgeois – Audio design (QC, Canada)
  • Solène Bancourt-Delacarte – Community manager (France)
  • Jonathan Naylor – Game design (QC, Canada)
  • Etienne Lafrance – Project artist (QC, Canada) – Personal website