[Survey] Reference music for Abyss Crew

— Greetings, crewmembers,

🎼We want to better define the music of the game.🎼
Should we use classical music, early 20’s jazz, ambient, experimental? We can’t find something everyone agrees upon, so we’re asking your opinion!
We selected some music we like, tell us which one you think would be the best fit for the game. The music that most votes will be chosen as a reference for our audio composer.
Don’t hesitate to give additional details in the comments or by contacting us.
🏆As previously, we will draw names, and the winner will get a game key with access to the beta!🏆

So, here is the form in English: https://bit.ly/2XI69UE
(and in French : https://bit.ly/2EUL6ad )

Captain Pol, Lieutenant Camille, out–

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