[Survey] Poll results

— Greetings, crewmembers,


Last month, we asked for your ideas to name the main submarine of the game and we received about 70 suggestions. 
Many thanks to everyone who chimed in! 
We carefully considered each one of them, and we selected Ryan’s submission: “Apogon”, which is the name of a small fish that is found in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We found that it perfectly complement the design of the submarine itself.
Maybe we’ll name future subs will after sea creatures too, with an -on in the end, like Triton, Chelon, Tiburon…
Congratulations to Ryan, who won a game key to access the beta!

Among the proposed names, we’d like name a few who deserve honorable mentions:
– Philippe J.’s “Nopetilus”. It’s (almost) a good pun…
– Shark1975’s “B-577”. The submarine version of the famous B-57 bomber?
– Hugues R.’s “Sub McSubface”  Someone had to do it. Hugues did it. He should not be proud…


Captain Pol, Lieutenant Camille, out —

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