[News] Date of release

— Greetings, crewmembers,

Abyss Crew will be released in Early Access on 30. April 2020!

The game will cost 19.99 € / 21.99 US$ / 29.99 CAD$ during the early access duration, meaning a 33% discount compared to the final price (29.99 € / 32.99 US$ / 44.99 CAD$). You can also have a 4-players pack for the price of 3, i.e., 59.99 € / 65.99 US$ / 89.99 CAD$.

To play online, you will need one key per player: each player runs the game from his own library.
To play locally, you will need only one key: the owner runs the game, and the other players use a special “local client” of the game, which is free to download, to join a game. This special version cannot join online game or create a game, however. For those of you who have contributed to the Kickstarter, Steam keys will be sent about 10 days before the release, around April 30th, 2020. If you don’t want a Steam key, but would rather have a stand-alone game instead, please message us as soon as possible.

For any question, send us an email to contact@abysscrew.com !

End of transmission,

Captain Pol, out —

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