[Update] v0.93h

— Greetings, crewmembers,
v0.93h is out! You can download it in the #releases section of the Discord.
This is a major update with brand new interfaces for the Pilot, the Sonar and the Gunner, a brand new tutorial and a new super cool chat system!

Major changes:
-gameplay added a chat/info system
-gameplay redesign sonar actions
-graphics new pilot interface
-graphics new sonar interface
-graphics new gunner interface
-level design Create a tutorial
-bug avoid putting : in the player name
-graphics X/C to change help screen : display directly on each panel
-bug put : after player name in the lobby
-level design add crystal when boss is destroyed
-graphics add light for alarms
-graphics set any UI impossible command in red
-graphics change engineer color in yellow
-graphics make rotating grid (north/south/east/west) for all views
-graphics redo gunner grid, and make it disappear when unzooming
-graphics design front weapon graphics
-gameplay engineer should be unable to unzoom
-gameplay improve tutorial messages
-gameplay add torpedo target distance (not only direction)
-gameplay make new aiming system for gunner
-gameplay set processor=crystal, energy and scrap reserve for engineer
-gameplay 3 rear modules : flare, decoy, bait
-gameplay replace front weapon effect by stun ?
-gameplay find an action for the space bar for the sonar player
-gameplay hook not enough visible
-gameplay improve submarine displacement by pilot
-gameplay replace front weapon by hook (which grabs crystals/scrap)
-gameplay replace dash by emergency mode (acceleration and rotation greatly improved)
-gameplay energy is lost if engineer fills a full jauge
-gameplay energy module upgrade: reserve should be higher (instead of slower decrease)
-bug when go back as pilot as normal, comes back at -1/2
-bug torpedo count is wrong on gunner screen

Detailed changelog can be found here: http://bit.ly/2lhY4UR

Captain Pol, out —

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