Abyss Crew is a multiplayer adventure cooperative game, where players take the role of the crew of a submarine. It is meant to be played at 3, 4 or 5 players, in local or online network.

Each player has a specific role: Pilot, Radio, Gunner, Engineer or Captain. Players have to interact with each other, which is the core of our gameplay: you can’t drive the whole submarine alone, you have to rely on your crewmates! Players must interact regularly: the gunner need to synchronize with the pilot to align the torpedo tubes with its target; the radio can alert other players on the approach of an enemy torpedo; captain has to give orders…
Our goal is to give players plenty of opportunities of discussion, of negociation, of tension, … and finally, a feeling they participated to an adventure together!


Pilot seat – Sneak into the abyss

As the pilot, you drive the submarine: manages engines, avoid obstacles, dive into abyss or go on the surface to refill oxygen tanks.








Radio seat – Detect hidden threats

The radio tries to detect enemies with his sonar. He can get additionnal information on a particular enemy with its scanner. The longer he scans, the more information he gets, about enemy type, health, behaviour, etc. These informations can then be transmitted to his crewmates. In the same time, the radio can check wether the submarine is being detected by the other enemies.




Gunner seat – Hunt for your life

The gunner manages submarine tubes and torpedos. Depending on the enemy and the threat, he can choose between a variety of torpedos, harpoons, beacons…However, his tubes are mainly directed forwards, so he need to synchronize with the pilot to be properly aligned with its target.



Engineer seat – Support your crewmates

The engineer manages submarine modules. He can activate or deactivate some to save energy, repairs damaged modules, extinguish fires.

Captain seat – Crew survival eventually relies on your shoulders

As the captain, you have to coordinate your crew. Consult world map, get the information you need from your crew, give your orders, keep in mind your orders…




The game takes place in an original steampunk universe, mainly inspired by Jules Verne’s 20.000 leagues under the sea. In this uchronical world, submarines are exploring the oceans to find a precious mineral, the orichalcum, which has becomes the economic, scientific and geopolitical pivot of a new era.

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First version of the game is planned during 2018, and aims to be release on PC, Mac and Linux
Future versions will also be released on Android/iOS tablets.