[EN] Early Access Release

–Greetings, crewmember,

Abyss Crew is releasing today, Thursday 30. April 2002, in Early Access. Thank you for your patience and your support!

You can buy the game for 19.99 € / 24.99 US$ / 29.99 CAD$ on http://steam.abysscrew.com

Some tips:

  • one key per player is needed for online play
  • one key is enough for any number of players in local play. Players can download the special version which can join a local game at this address: http://www.abysscrew.com/local-game/ (you can also find it on our Discord)
  • if you are less than 4 players, missing stations are handled by bots

If you want to give us some feedback, find a crew or just chat a little bit, join us on our Discord (discord.abysscrew.com).

Remember to add a review on the Steam page!

Have a good journey in the abyss!

Captain Pol–

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