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Please check the FAQ below for answers to commonly-asked questions.
Press, Youtubers, Streamers: Please contact us at or on DM on Twitter (@Abyss_Crew_Game).

A presskit is also available here:


When will be the game released?
The usual response: When it’s doneā€¦
In practice, it will depend on the game success: if people share our enthousiasm about the game, we’ll continue to develop as long as we can. So if you like Abyss Crew, spread the word!

Can we buy it right now?
Right now you can’t buy the game. However, note that it will be released in Early Access during spring 2019.

Where can we get early access ?
Early access will be available on Steam. We may release it on other platforms in the future.

What will be the price?
The price has not been fixed now.

Do I need to buy 4 copies of the game to play with my friends?
The game can be played on LAN and on-line.
On LAN, you can play with your friends using only 1 copy of the game.
On-line, you’lle need one copy per player.
You can mix both modes (for example, 3 people on LAN need with 1 copy, and they can play with a 4th crewmate on-line with a 2nd copy).

If we are less than 4 players, can we still play the game?
Yes. We’ll introduce some basic IA to handle the missing players. However, we do feel that one of the main interest of the game is by playing with other humans.

On which platform will it be released?
The game will be first release on Windows PC. We envision also a release on Mac and Linux.

Where can I give feedback or report bugs?
The best is to come on our Discord server and chat with us!

I want to make a Youtube or Twitch video about Abyss Crew, can I monetize it?
Sure, you are free to do so. When you produce some video, be sure to send us a small message so that we can share it with the community!