About Aquarealm Studio

Aquarealms games is a fully independent game company. While its main office is located in Montreal, QC, Canada, some members are located in France and in Sweden. It has been founded in 2016 by a team composed by Pol ‘Pollux568’ Grasland-Mongrain and Bastien ‘burgzaza’ Blavet.

Contact information

Streamers, YouTubers, and Press – Contact us at

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The Team

Pol ‘Pollux568’ Grasland-Mongrain
– Project leader (QC, Canada) – Personal website











Bastien ‘burgzaza’ Blavet – Project artist (France)


Andreas ‘Knight’ Mustola – Network coder (Sweden) – Personal website


Jean-Philippe Savoie – World designer (QC, Canada) – Personal website


Solène ‘finarfine’ Bancourt-Delacarte – Community manager (France)












Fanny “fafarfadet” Belhadjar – Audio designer (QC, Canada) – Personal Website











Paul “Cap’n Haddock” Rebar – Project artist (QC, Canada) – Personal Website











Etienne Lafrance – Project artist (QC, Canada) – Personal Website

Additional contributors:
Jonathan ‘BierkTheSoggy’ Naylor – Additional contributor: Game design (QC, Canada)
Nicolas ‘NicolasAB’ Allard-Bourgeois – Additional contributor: Audio design (QC, Canada)
Jeremie “ßæwii” Tauziede – Additional contributor: Project artist (France) – Personal Website
Erwan ‘Cheshire’ Grasland-Mongrain – Additional contributor: Game design (France)