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[Dev Log] Happy New Year 2018!

The Abyss Crew development team wishes you an happy year for 2018! We are preparing tons of very exciting stuff for Abyss Crew, stay in touch!

[Dev log] Discover the submarine modules

Hi fellow crewmen, Here is a little glimpse on the new feature we’re currently working on… The submarines modules! They show you what’s activated, disabled or broken in the submarine. The captain can then decide to active or repair some specific modules, to improve its submarine. But it costs some precious orichalcum crystals. So, what do…
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[Dev Log] Abyss Crew Teaser Trailer has been released!

And… The long awaited trailer is now live! Come see why the members of the development team decided to pursue game development instead of acting as a hobby of choice… Don’t forget the Youtube blue thumb to support development of the game 🙂

[Dev Log] Preparing the trailer

The Abyss Crew Team spent the weekend away, in nature, hard at work on the teaser trailer. After several late nights, a lot of laughs, some struggles, and much coffee (we even ran out), the teaser is shaping up nicely. Here are some pictures from the weekend away. Have you ever recorded sounds in a…
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[Dev Log] Bye “The S.Crew: Under The Sea”, hello “Abyss Crew”!

As we travelled far, far deep into the oceans, facing the dangers and marvels of the aquatic underworld, we felt good. Exploration, monsters, blindness. Together. In the abyss. This is why we decided to rebaptize our adventures. “The S.Crew” becomes “Abyss Crew” from now on. We hope you’ll like this name, and that you will…
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[Dev Log] An age of Submarine Crews

The very first video, setting up the universe in witch our game takes place. Welcome aboard !