[Festival] Lyon Geek Touch

— Greetings, crewmembers, We remind you we’ll be at the Lyon Geek Touch the whole week-end of the 4.-5. May, where you’ll be able to playtest the latest version and meet the devs! See you there! Captain Pol, out —

[Update] v0.93h

— Greetings, crewmembers, v0.93h is out! You can download it in the #releases section of the Discord. This is a major update with brand new interfaces for the Pilot, the Sonar and the Gunner, a brand new tutorial and a new super cool chat system! Major changes: -gameplay added a chat/info system -gameplay redesign sonar…
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[Devlog #2] The engineer processor

                   We wanted the engineer to be the guy who ensure that the submarine works well. We then designed its role with three parts: he repairs and upgrades submarine modules; he chooses the submarine “mode” (stealth, boost, etc); and by dispatching resources to create various stuff on…
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[Devlog #2] Le processeur de l’ingénieur

                   Pour le rôle de l’ingénieur, nous avions en tête un membre d’équipage qui assurerait du bon fonctionnement du sous-marin. Nous avons d’abord divisé son rôle en trois parties : la réparation et l’amélioration des modules du sous-marin ; le choix d’un « mode de fonctionnement » du sous-marin (discret, boost,…
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[Survey] Musical theme results

— Greetings, crewmembers, Following the survey about the musical theme you prefer for Abyss crew, we received 21 responses. The musical which got the most votes is music E “Moth to a Flame” ( We will use this composition as an inspiration for the game music. It’s not over! A random draw among the voters…
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[Devlog #1] Déplacement du sous-marin

Nous avons souhaité que le sous-marin en jeu se comporte de manière réaliste, notamment au niveau de son déplacement dans les abysses. C’est pourquoi nous avons imaginé un sous-marin avec cinq moteurs en totalité : deux à l’arrière afin de propulser vers l’avant ou en marche arrière et trois à l’avant pour orienter et stabiliser la…
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[Devlog #1] Moving the Sub

We wanted the submarine to behave realistically, particularly in the way it moves through the abyss. That’s why we imagined a submarine with five engines: two at the rear to propel forward or backward and three at the front to steer and stabilize it. A good example for this system is the two-seater canoe: if…
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[Survey] Reference music for Abyss Crew

— Greetings, crewmembers, 🎼We want to better define the music of the game.🎼Should we use classical music, early 20’s jazz, ambient, experimental? We can’t find something everyone agrees upon, so we’re asking your opinion!We selected some music we like, tell us which one you think would be the best fit for the game. The music…
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[Survey] Poll results

— Greetings, crewmembers,   Last month, we asked for your ideas to name the main submarine of the game and we received about 70 suggestions. Many thanks to everyone who chimed in! We carefully considered each one of them, and we selected Ryan’s submission: “Apogon”, which is the name of a small fish that is found in the…
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[News] Poulpy, the new mascot of Abyss Crew

— Greetings, crewmembers, please welcome Poulpy , the new mascot for Abyss Crew!Poulpy is a lovely small octopus that you’ll see in future festivals.He’ll keep an eye on new crewmembers during their trip into the abyss! Captain Pol, out —