He had often wondered if those who took part in such a bold undertaking truly realized that since the beginnings of the History of Mankind in the Sumerian plains, there had been no greater or nobler enterprise.

Indeed, what greater endeavour than to liberate men from the chains of the monarchs!

Thirteen colonies in a brave New World would become the vanguard of liberty and equality for all of the Lord’s children.

Thirteen colonies would unite to create one great Federation.

Nevertheless, its rise would not be as meteoric as some would have thought, although many new territories joined, and the Union expanded southward and westward.

Washington, Chicago, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston: those were the names of some of the greatest cities on God’s blue Earth. He had passed them by a few months before.

The air was good and fresh in Alabama, and the roads were as good as they were long.

He had passed Tuscaloosa a while ago, and he would soon pass into the Republic of Texas, a nation that had been honed through incessant tensions from the inside and the outside, shaped and moulded through conflict and war of all kinds.

It had certainly been harmed by the Great Revolt of the Negro slaves, but not quite as much as the southern states of the Union, such as Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina. And it rose despite the Mexicans breathing down its neck, and the Californians putting up some trouble at their borders.

California. That was the end of his great trip around North America, or to be exact, he was headed for the northern part of its confederation: British Columbia.

In this world where everyone was leaving green land behind, his dream was to stride across it all, and to lay his eyes upon all that was upon it. He wanted to stand above the red stones of the Grand Canyon, walk in the middle of the burning sands of Death Valley, look up at the emerald foliage of the redwood trees of the West Coast, and climb on the back of the mighty Rocky Mountains up to the teal waters of Lake Louise. And one day, perhaps, he would lose himself for a time in the immeasurable emptiness of the Canadian tundra. He would ride through the Prairies down to the Great Lakes.

He would walk across three of the largest countries on Earth on his own two legs, as men were meant to do.

Just thinking about living at sea, like all those mariners sailing around the world, was enough to make him seasick.

How useful could he be, then, to that world?

How useful could anyone be who had not been cut from the same cloth as those who lived in Venice, Amsterdam, Boston, Far Coast, or Sydney?

Well, as long as ships and subs were made of steel, landlubbers like him could make a living. For now, though, he was content with being a vagabond, living off what was left of his inheritance: even in the young United States, there was old money aplenty.

Robert “Bob” Riker, excerpt from the novel Across the Lands

[Update] v0.84b

[EN] Version 0.84b is out!
Major changes:
-added a lobby. The server must click on “Start server”, then everyone can join the game. It includes a basic chat system.
-upgrade system of the submarine has been improved. Players must upgrade the submarine to have access to all functions
-damaged modules. Interface is now changing (red light is flashing, dials are broken…) when taking damage.
-submarine acceleration is now continuous instead of step by step
Full changelog can be seen in our ToDo list:
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[Playtest] Live-Stream by archtoasty

[EN] archtoasty, a Linux gamer youtuber, made an amusing video about Abyss Crew. If you wondered what the last version of the game looks like (v0.83), here it is!
Remember to add a little thumb to the video if you want to save the poor whales hunt by gray submarines 😀

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[Festival] Abyss Crew won the GMC Game Summit 2018 Contest!

[EN] Abyss Crew won the Lyon GMC Game Summit 2018 contest, along with Gare au Garou and Emoface!
The project will be followed during the next few months by two videogame industry professionals, Stéphane Beley (Ivory Tower/Ubisoft) and Marco Mele (Arkane Studio). Their advice will be highly valuable for the development of the game. Thanks to them and to Imaginove who organised the event!
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[Update] Version 0.82, the “Orichalcum Update”

[EN] Version 0.82 is out! This is a major update, finalizing main four stations mechanisms (Pilot, Sonar, Gunner, Engineer). Here are the main changes from 0.78 to 0.82.
[FR] La version 0.82 est prête ! Il s’agit d’une mise à jour majeure, qui fixe les mécanismes des quatre rôles (Pilote, Sonar, Torpilleur, Ingénieur). Voici les principaux changements des versions 0.78 à 0.82.

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[Playtest] Public playtest on Sunday 13/05/2018

[EN] Remember: there will be a public playtest on Sunday 13th May 2018, at 2 pm (for English speaking people). You’ll be able to play on the new “Orichalcum” version of the game. Send a message at if you’re interested!
[FR] Rappel : il y aura un playtest public le dimanche 13 Mai 2018 à 15h (pour les francophones). Vous pourrez jouer à la nouvelle version “Orichalcum” du jeu. Envoyez un message à si vous êtes intéressés !
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[Press] Interview on Bounthavy’s

“Lors du Geek Touch à Lyon en avril, j’ai pu voir un jeu indé en cours de développement assez original : Abyss Crew. Il a gagné une médaille en chocolat avec le mini concours « Pitch your game » mais surtout le créateur, Pol Grasland-Mongrain, a pu faire jouer le public et recueillir des feedbacks. Il a gentiment accepté de répondre à quelques questions. Vous verrez ainsi que l’on faire une thèse sur les applications de la force de Lorentz en acoustique médicale, travailler à l’INSERM et faire du jeu vidéo. (Ne me demandez pas en quoi consiste cette thèse, mais les ultrasons et les sous-marins sont liés).”

[EN] Full interview (in French) here.
[FR] Interview complète (en Français) ici.

[Festival] Lyon Geek Touch

[EN] Thank you to all who came visit us at the Lyon Geek Touch! It was a fun festival, we hope to see you soon!
[FR] Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus nous voir au festival Lyon Geek Touch ! C’était un super évènement, on espère vous revoir bientôt !
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[Kickstarter] Campaign debrief

[EN] The Kickstarter campaign has been successful! Here are some numbers:
-5416 CAD$, including 10% for Mr Kickstarter
-177 backers, including 12 Seadogs, 57 Crew Members, 47 Executive Officers, 49 Captains, 1 Admiral and 2 Legends
-730 days since project start
-23 days of campaign
-12 press articles
-1 “thank you” party
-177 personal thanks
And below is the full image of the depths drawn by burgzaza!
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[Kickstarter] Project funded!

We did it! The project has reached its funding goal!
A huge thank you to the supporters who have help Abyss Crew!
But it’s not over: the next level of funding is $ 5,000, and will unlock the survival mode! It’s a roguelike mode, where levels are procedurally generated, and that you have to explore before oxygen reserve runs out…
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