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[Press] Interview on Bounthavy’s

“Lors du Geek Touch à Lyon en avril, j’ai pu voir un jeu indé en cours de développement assez original : Abyss Crew. Il a gagné une médaille en chocolat avec le mini concours « Pitch your game » mais surtout le créateur, Pol Grasland-Mongrain, a pu faire jouer le public et recueillir des feedbacks.…
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[Festival] Lyon Geek Touch

[EN] Thank you to all who came visit us at the Lyon Geek Touch! It was a fun festival, we hope to see you soon! *** [FR] Merci à tous ceux qui sont venus nous voir au festival Lyon Geek Touch ! C’était un super évènement, on espère vous revoir bientôt !

[Kickstarter] Campaign debrief

[EN] The Kickstarter campaign has been successful! Here are some numbers: -5416 CAD$, including 10% for Mr Kickstarter -177 backers, including 12 Seadogs, 57 Crew Members, 47 Executive Officers, 49 Captains, 1 Admiral and 2 Legends -730 days since project start -23 days of campaign -12 press articles -1 “thank you” party -177 personal thanks…
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[Kickstarter] Project funded!

We did it! The project has reached its funding goal! A huge thank you to the supporters who have help Abyss Crew! But it’s not over: the next level of funding is $ 5,000, and will unlock the survival mode! It’s a roguelike mode, where levels are procedurally generated, and that you have to explore…
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[Kickstarter] Campaign started!

Good day crew, Kickstarter campaign for Abyss Crew has started! It is running from 23d of February to 18th of March. By backing now you could have access to the alpha, to give feedback and share your ideas about the game. The game also comes with a discount compared to the future retail price. And…
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[Press] forum

[EN] Want an independent opinion on Abyss Crew? Here is a review of the version 0.79e of the game, written by BlueShadow on the forum. Enjoy! *** [FR] Si vous souhaitez avoir un avis indépendant sur Abyss Crew, voici une revue (en anglais) de la version 0.79e du jeu, écrite par BlueShadow sur le…
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[Kickstarter] Abyss Crew is coming on Kickstarter!

[EN]Important announcement: Abyss Crew is coming on Kickstarter The Abyss Crew Kickstarter campaign will begin on the 23rd of February, and will run until the 18th of March. It’s an important step for the project, two years after its beginning! ***

[Show] Demonight presentation

[EN] Missed the presentation at the Demonight yesterday? You can still watch it on twitch (at 1:52:50), among 16 other cool games made in Quebec! *** [FR] Vous n’avez pas pu assister à la présentation à la Démonight hier ? Vous pouvez encore la voir sur twitch (à 1h52m50s), parmi 16 autres jeux hyper cools faits au Québec !

[Update] Version 0.77

[EN] Version 0.77 is out! You can discover on the GIF the new Gunner target. Here are the main changes from 0.72 to 0.77. *** [FR] La version 0.77 est prête ! Vous pouvez voir la nouvelle cible du Torpilleur sur le GIF animé. Voici les principaux changements des versions 0.72 à 0.77.

[Playtest] Montreal Gameplay Space (25/01/2018)

[EN] Abyss Crew will be playable at the next GamePlay Space playtesting event! Entrance is free and drinks are available on site. It’s on 25th January at 1435 Saint-Alexandre Street, Montréal H3A 2G4 See you on site! More info on the event Facebook page *** [FR] Abyss Crew sera jouable au prochain évènement de playtest…
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