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Kickstarter campaign debrief

[EN] The Kickstarter campaign has been successful! Here are some numbers: -5416 CAD$, including 10% for Mr Kickstarter -177 backers, including 12 Seadogs, 57 Crew Members, 47 Executive Officers, 49 Captains, 1 Admiral and 2 Legends -730 days since project start -23 days of campaign -12 press articles -1 “thank you” party -177 personal thanks …

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Kickstarter campaign started!

Good day crew, Kickstarter campaign for Abyss Crew has started! It is running from 23d of February to 18th of March. By backing now you could have access to the alpha, to give feedback and share your ideas about the game. The game also comes with a discount compared to the future retail price. And …

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Abyss Crew is coming on Kickstarter!

Important announcement: Abyss Crew is coming on Kickstarter The Abyss Crew Kickstarter campaign will begin on the 23rd of February, and will run until the 18th of March. It’s an important step for the project, two years after its beginning! ***

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Update – v0.77

Version 0.77 is out! You can discover on the GIF the new Gunner target. Here are the main changes from 0.72 to 0.77:

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Poll – logo

Hi fellow submariners! Here is a small poll for the game logo. We currently have 3 different logos for the game. But which one do you prefer? You can answer in the comment, on our Discord or on our Facebook page 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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Happy New Year 2018!

The Abyss Crew development team wishes you an happy year for 2018! We are preparing tons of very exciting stuff for Abyss Crew, stay in touch!

Dev log – Discover the submarine modules

Hi fellow crewmen, Here is a little glimpse on the new feature we’re currently working on… The submarines modules! They show you what’s activated, disabled or broken in the submarine. The captain can then decide to active or repair some specific modules, to improve its submarine. But it costs some precious orichalcum crystals. So, what do …

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Update – v0.71

Version 0.71 of Abyss Crew is out! Here are the detailed changelogs of v0.68 to 0.71:

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Update – v0.66

Version 0.66 of Abyss Crew is out! Here is the detailed changelog for v0.64 to v0.66:

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Poll – banner

Hi fellow crewmen and crewwomen, We’d like to print a banner for the future conventions we’ll be participating. So here is a small poll. Among these three following sketches, which one do you prefer? Answer in comment, Facebook , Discord or at contact AT Thanks a lot!

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