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[Festival] Montréal Joue Festival

Captain Pol will participate in Montréal Joue festival, 5th edition. With a whole day dedicated to Montréal indie games development, we’ll seize the opportunity to present a playable version of Abyss Crew. We hope the public will be interested in sharing ideas and comments. Want to go? Saturday, february 25 2017 Société des arts technologiques …

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[Dev Log] Bye “The S.Crew: Under The Sea”, hello “Abyss Crew”!

As we travelled far, far deep into the oceans, facing the dangers and marvels of the aquatic underworld, we felt good. Exploration, monsters, blindness. Together. In the abyss. This is why we decided to rebaptize our adventures. “The S.Crew” becomes “Abyss Crew” from now on. We hope you’ll like this name, and that you will …

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