[Update] Version 0.77

[EN] Version 0.77 is out! You can discover on the GIF the new Gunner target.
Here are the main changes from 0.72 to 0.77.
[FR] La version 0.77 est prête ! Vous pouvez voir la nouvelle cible du Torpilleur sur le GIF animé. Voici les principaux changements des versions 0.72 à 0.77.

-bug: main menu can be stuck when going to server page
-bug: abyss master is bugged when moving towards the bottom
-bug: target is missing on radio player as the server
-code: synchronize totalMarking and currentMarking
-bug: when max zoom, submarineModules continue to zoom in
-graphics: server page should show buttons
-gameplay: sonar modules: sonarRange and sonarActivefor circular sound wave and rotating sound wave
-gameplay: select modules per type instead of individually
-graphics: bridge text is too small
-graphics: radio player help “press *and hold* to mark an enemy”
-graphics: abyss master: add a red circle around the submarine when trying to create an object
-gameplay: add a confirmation to go to main menu when pressing escape
-gameplay: move soundwave with submarine
-gameplay: game master should be able to remove enemy
-gameplay: improved torpedo behavior and appearance
-gameplay: game master should be able to rotate enemy
-bug: torpedoes should have a smaller area of effects (especially bullets)
-code: add a gamepad control mode
-gameplay: Radio player now have to wait a few seconds to mark an enemy
-bug: crystal attractor doesn’t work
-gameplay: moved the crystal detector from the radio to the engineer
-gameplay: decreased refined crystal value to 1
-code: replace “global.currentView” by “obj_control.currentView”
-code: replace the captain par the engineer
-code: include all submarine variables to synchronize in obj_submarine_variables
-gameplay: add a way to display/remove the console grid, sonar, zoom level etc
-gameplay: added button to switch off/on the grid and the compass
-graphics: distances on screen (circles and/or zoom description)
-gameplay: slowed down flechette refill speed
-audio: find a software for LAN communication
-gameplay: add captain improvement module
-gameplay: add captain processor
-graphics: add gunner modules visualisation
-audio: add a sound when the radio emits a underwater sound wave
-audio: add a sound when the submarine retrieve some crystal
-misc: change lost message: “Lost to the Abyss”
-code: used scr_get_count() to have a more robust displacement
-gameplay: redo the radio player mechanisms
-bug: for multiple subimg sprites (for example, rock or ressource), image_index is not synchronized
-bug: clients can’t make a ping using right click button
-graphics: add ping ability for radio
-graphics: there is a shadow when a player connect to a station
-bug: all players should be able to ping (not only the radio)
-graphics: show a square around the selected target
-graphics: change submarine appearance
-gameplay: change gunner modules
-code: remove unused keys
-graphics: add eye enemy

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