[Update] Version 0.71

Version 0.71 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here are the detailed changelogs of v0.68 to 0.71:

-bugfix: change ping to screen depth
-bugfix: remove graphics bug from captain map
-graphics: modify flare torpedo

-graphics: change button in “join server”
-gameplay: fix enemy IA
-festival: find 4 computers

-bug: victory not synchronized
-crash: isMarked enemy ?
-gameplay: mark objects and not only enemies as the radio
-bug: deactivate torpedo at the very beginning to avoid explosion at emission
-bug: game master objects move with game master zoom
-bug: rotating signal is not synchronized
-bug: captain can’t play (client)
-bug: oxygen, fuel, health arrows and numbers not synchronized
-bug: some UI commands are not locals: left clic, mouse wheel, arrow keys
-bug: game master can’t play (client)
-bug: target for left and right torpedoes are at wrong locations
-graphics: decrease algae light
-bug: as a client, blips have max intensity whatever the zoom

-graphics: add on-screen grid
-gameplay: target based on mouse instead of keyboard
-gameplay: change of torpedo type/module with mousewheel
-bug: ressources light don’t work
-bug: flare torpedo doesn’t work
-graphics: synchronise radio geiger module light
-crash: we can’t create 2 servers in a row
-gameplay: add an invisible wall which blocks enemies when submarine is too far
-gameplay: game master shouldn’t be able to go too far from submarine


There’s an ancient saying: “Don’t awake the Kraken”…

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