Update – v0.57

Version 0.57 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:


-gameplay: /!\ major improvement of enemies behaviour /!\: enemy submarine fire torpedoes, shark attacks submarine, fishes and whales flee, … all with slight randomness depending on distance with submarine
-gameplay: camera is now fixed (north=top)
-graphics: new radar screen: background has changed, various warnings appear on the radar screen when necessary, radar targets are now squared…
-graphics: black transitions are smoother
-graphics: sonar target is now lighting around its position
-graphics: each player can switch between a “real” view and a “sonar” view of the environment
-graphics: new image for the ironclad
-graphics: new image for enemy submarines
-bugfix: torpedoes goes in the right direction when fired
-bugfix: torpedoes don’t explode anymore when meeting the dock
-bugfix: fixed a bug which made some light disappear
-bugfix: improved collision system. Submarine should not be stuck any more, and collision damage are better handled

Here is the new look of the radar screen:

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