[Update] Version 0.56

Version 0.56 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:

-gameplay: alternate set of keys for all roles (WASD and arrow keys)
-gameplay: changes of altitude is now activated with keys 1 (dock) / 2 (surface) / 3 (mid) / 4 (deep)
-gameplay: captain can now open maps by pressing numbers
-gameplay: when we hit border, view is shaking
-gameplay: torpedoes LI (light) now works as expected
-gameplay: submachinegun bullets direction is slightly randomized
-graphics: coast borders are now above the shadows, so that they are easier to see whatever the light
-graphics: captain has a new background
-graphics: pilot engines have small rotating ticks to show engine power et direction
-graphics: ironclad has now a light
-graphics: we can switch between a “realistic view” and a “radar-like view” by pressing tab key
-sounds: engine sound is now smoother
-bugfix: submarine light fully extends

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