[Update] Version 0.55

Version 0.55 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:

-gameplay: the captain is now available
-gameplay: we now activate engines to go front (QWE) or backwards (S) and we use the key A/D to rotate
-gameplay: new displacement keys (QWEASD)
-gameplay: right-click now emit a ping on all screens
-gameplay: torpedos don’t explode anymore when touching object “dock”
-graphics: islands have now some names
-graphics: Lighting system re-enabled
-graphics: when altitude is changed or when we die, black shadowing is slower
-graphics: enemies and resources rotate now more smoothly
-graphics: submarine size has been reduced to 75% of it previous size
-graphics: sonar background is darker
-code: variables altitude, health et shield are now attributed to the object obj_submarine (instead of being global)
-bugfix: /!\ new collision system /!\ Normally the submarine cannot be stucked nor go through the borders
-bugfix: corrected flickering of fishes (and added more variety by the way)

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