Jul 14 2017

Update – v0.57

Version 0.57 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:

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Jun 28 2017

Update – v0.56

Version 0.56 of Abyss Crew is out!

Here is the detailed changelog:

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Jun 20 2017

Update – v0.55

Version 0.55 of Abyss Crew is out!


Here is the detailed changelog:

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Jun 06 2017

#1 ISV Scion of Albion

“Everythin’ stable, cap’n. We’re a wee bit deeper ‘an we should be, but she’ll hold jus’ fine,” the engineer’s voice said through the radio.

“Many thanks, Buchanan.”

Despite the reassuring tone of his mechanic, the loud creaking noises coming from the hull of his ship were still worrisome to Captain Winston Grey. The ISV Scion of Albion was not originally made to get to such depths. His men were quite handy and their modifications had made her much more than she was designed to be, but…

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Jun 01 2017

Discover the World of Abyss Crew

Jean-Philippe is writing short stories taking place in the Abyss Crew universe.

These stories will be published regularly on Facebook. All the stories already published stories can also be found in The World page.

Take a look to immerse yourself smoothly in the universe, and don’t hesitate to comment!


May 01 2017

Evry Games 2017

We have attended the Evry Games City 2017, a nice festival with many interesting games to discover within the Indiegarden program.

Thank you to all the participants who came to visit our stand!

Hope to meet you soon!

Feb 07 2017

Captain Pol at the Montréal Joue Festival

Captain Pol will participate in Montréal Joue festival, 5th edition.
With a whole day dedicated to Montréal indie games development, we’ll seize the opportunity to present a playable version of Abyss Crew.
We hope the public will be interested in sharing ideas and comments.

Want to go?
Saturday, february 25 2017
Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
1201, boul. Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC H2X 2S6

Dec 02 2016

Bye “The S.Crew: Under The Sea”, hello “Abyss Crew”!


As we travelled far, far deep into the oceans, facing the dangers and marvels of the aquatic underworld, we felt good. Exploration, monsters, blindness. Together. In the abyss. This is why we decided to rebaptize our adventures. “The S.Crew” becomes “Abyss Crew” from now on.

We hope you’ll like this name, and that you will sail long and proud in your submarine!

Nov 16 2016

MIGS 2016


Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the Montreal International Games Summit 2016!

It was a pleasure to meet people who shared our enthusiasm on The S.Crew: Under The Sea.

And we also warmly thank the MIGS 2016 organisation team who have let us presented our game in the conference, this was really a great event!


An age of Submarine Crews

The very first video, setting up the universe in witch our game takes place. Welcome aboard !

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