“In the abyss, all you have is your crew”


Chat with your teammates

Playable with 4 players, learn to work as a team to lead your submarine farthest into the abyss and complete your mission.

Get to know the abyss

Sneak into every nook and cranny of this mysterious environment to discover all its secrets.

Complete your missions

Choose your adventure on the mission board and show your talents to your superiors.

The sea is calling

Latest news

[Update] v0.93h

— Greetings, crewmembers, v0.93h is out! You can download it in the #releases section of the Discord. This is a major update with brand new interfaces for the Pilot, the[…]

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[Devlog #2] The engineer processor

                   We wanted the engineer to be the guy who ensure that the submarine works well. We then designed its role with[…]

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[Devlog #2] Le processeur de l’ingénieur

                   Pour le rôle de l’ingénieur, nous avions en tête un membre d’équipage qui assurerait du bon fonctionnement du sous-marin. Nous avons[…]

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