“Down there in the abyss, we’re not a crew any more. We’re a family.”

Abyss Crew is a co-op exploration videogame aboard a submarine, set in a steampunk universe. An underwater cooperative roguelike that allows 1 to 4 players to take on the roles of the Pilot, the Sonar Operator, the Gunner, and the Engineer, on a local or online network. Stay sharp, keep a level head, coordinate with your crewmates, and make life-saving decisions in the dark depths of an unforgiving ocean…

Can you and your crewmates survive the Abyss?


Chat with your teammates

Playable with 4 players, learn to work as a team to lead your submarine farthest into the abyss and complete your mission.

Get to know the abyss

Sneak into every nook and cranny of this mysterious environment to discover all its secrets.

Complete your missions

Choose your adventure on the mission board and show your talents to your superiors.

A great adventure is waiting for you

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He had often wondered if those who took part in such a bold undertaking truly realized that since the beginnings of the History of Mankind in the Sumerian plains, there[…]

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[Update] v0.84b

[EN] Version 0.84b is out! Major changes: -added a lobby. The server must click on “Start server”, then everyone can join the game. It includes a basic chat system. -upgrade[…]

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[Playtest] Live-Stream by archtoasty

[EN] archtoasty, a Linux gamer youtuber, made an amusing video about Abyss Crew. If you wondered what the last version of the game looks like (v0.83), here it is! Remember[…]

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